Classes at Cirque Asylum

At Cirque Asylum, we aim to be so much more than just another Aerial Arts Facility.  We’ve brought in a wide variety of instructors from a diverse set of backgrounds, so we can offer our members and drop-in students a huge list of classes to choose from.  Among Aerial Silks, Pole Sport and Lyra, we offer a variety of dance classes, flow-arts classes like poi and hooping.  As well as classes that help you find a happier, healthier you through our Active Flexibility and Foundational Strength & Stability classes.

Our studio is incredibly beginner friendly and we welcome all, no matter your current shape or physical condition.  Our goal is to help our students build a firm physical and emotional foundation while having fun in a welcoming and active environment.  We have a large focus on restorative conditioning assisting many to discover new physical capabilities and work to rid themselves of plaguing body pains.  All through proper alignment and improvements in strength and flexibility.

Active Flexibility

This class is a gentle and functional method designed to create and build fluid and functional rotation within your skeletal structure.

Aerial Hammock

Hammocks are used to assist while you flow through a series of movements on the ground.

Aerial Silks

Strength and understanding is the main practice in this class. You will not only learn, but you will master the technique and structure through specially designed exercises performed with the fabrics.

Aerial Silks – Intermediate

Tricks and transitions are introduced in this class. Once your structure is strong and able, wraps and movements are added to the foundational movements learned in beginner

Aerial Silks for Kids

Fitness Foundations

This program paired with Active flexibility is the perfect combination for complete functional strength throughout the joints and foundational muscle that surrounds the skeletal structure.


Learn the foundation and technique of the aerial hoop. We recommend building your strength and aerial foundations before participating in this class.

Pole Sport – Beginner

You will learn the art and acrobatics of a spinning pole accompanied by basic calisthenic strength training and conditioning.

Pole Sport – Intermediate

You must be able to control your inverts and have basic knowledge of foundational holds and transitions. You will take your experience to new heights learning several add on positions to your base knowledge of lifts, spins and inverts.

Pole Sport – Intro to Intermediate

We recommend you master the structure and control of beginner pole before participating in this class. You will begin to learn transitions and the foundations of inverting

Private Parties

Circus Parties for Birthdays, Pole Dancing for Girls nights or Bachelorette Parties

Private Lessons

If for any reason group classes do not fit your needs, ALL of our staff offer private lessons.

Self Myofascial Release

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