April Ensign

I have been coming to Cirque Asylum since August 2015. My first class was beginner pole.  I quickly learned to appreciate how much strength, flexibility, control, and dedication it takes to safely maneuver around on an apparatus. Regardless, the classes were fun, so I kept coming back.  While in my pole and strength training classes, I watched the students in silks.  I was completely in awe of them.  The moves were gorgeous, but I was too chicken to take a class with everyone staring at me.  I quite literally waited until I could get a private lesson and by my second lesson, I was hooked.  18 months later, I’m still at it and every month I see progress.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found Cirque Asylum.

I am not a person who seeks public attention often, so I surprised myself when I was sitting in the audience at a Cirque Asylum recital and kept thinking, “I want to perform one day.”  I was just so inspired by the other students.  I was so proud of each of my fellow classmates, many of whom were first time performers.  They worked incredibly hard for several weeks to pull of such amazing pieces of art.

In spring 2016, I performed for the first time.  It was a great experience.  My strength, endurance, and self-confidence increased and I felt like I could actually finally call myself an aerialist.  I performed again in the fall recital and am back again this spring.  Each performance presents a new challenge.  I hope I never lose that.

This is the best exercise program I have EVER experienced!  Before coming to Cirque Asylum, I switched trainers or exercise programs every six months.  I was either bored or the trainers were not reliable.  I can safely say, you will never be bored at Cirque Asylum and Jennifer Wilkins does not disappoint!

Aerial arts is my number one hobby.  My number two hobby is yard work.  I don’t like to call it gardening.