Performance Videos

Casey Miller

I have been a student at Cirque Asylum for almost 3 years, I’ve been taking belly dancing classes off and on for over a year. I take a little of everything but my favorite classes outside of dance are poi, pole, and flexibility.

My kids inspire me to perform. I want them to see that you should never stop pursuing the things that bring you happiness. I have a lot of roles in my life – Mom, wife, friend, employee (etc.) and performing reminds me to take the time for me and work on my craft. It’s easy to forget you time; performing and practicing forces me to schedule it in and I am always grateful that I do!

I want others to know that your’e never too old, too tall, too short, too out of shape, not flexible, uncoordinated, and all the other excuses that we give ourselves – none of it matters in circus arts, it is the most open activity I have ever been a part of and that’s why I love it!

I love hiking, crafting, traveling, reading, cooking, singing in my car, and dancing in my kitchen (or dining room because the floor is perfect!)