Jesse Bills

I have been practicing silks for a little over 2 years. I started on pole, but when the studio was in Pleasant Grove it was easier to switch to silks, which turned out to be my true passion.

All the wonderful people at Cirque Asylum inspire me to perform. This will be my 3rd time performing. I decided to perform again because I had so much fun challenging myself the last 2 times to learn new tricks and more endurance.

It has improved my endurance and understanding about the Silks. I have also noticed my strength increase and my passion for the silks.

The Circus arts is the best way of keeping in shape but also having fun. Even when you are in the JW or active classes it is still really fun to learn how our bodies work and what we need to do to keep balanced.

Outside of the Cirque world I enjoy hanging out with my family, camping, and riding my dirt bike. I have noticed that when riding my dirt bike I have more endurance and strength and it is all because of silks and training.