Performance Videos

Jesseca Rough

I’ve been studying the art of pole for 4 years and have been belly dancing for almost a year now. I’m performing a pole solo and a piece with the belly dance troupe.

I love dancing and building combinations that flow with music and I want to show audiences that there is artistry and strength in pole dancing that many might not have thought about before. Performance gives one the opportunity to show that pole is for everyone, not specifically for adult females or exotic dancers, and I want everyone to try pole dancing because it’s an incredible workout and extremely fun!!!

Performing for cirque asylum is unlike anything I’ve experienced. The lessons acquired while performing help shape you into a better dancer and the experience of performing together creates life-long friendships that are rare to find elsewhere. This will be my second performance for both pole and belly dance.

Circus arts are for everyone, I’m living proof!!! I started at cirque asylum at the remedial level  suffering from a workplace injury to my neck and shoulder. Now after 4 years I’m not only performing but instructing beginner classes thanks to the amazingly brilliant programs Jennifer Wilkins has designed.

Outside of the asylum I study astrophysics at the University of Utah and I’m a mommy to one of the best kids in the world, Jase. And an aunty to the other two best kids, Jesse and Winter. Their support along with the support of my family and partner Jack help me to continue dancing and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.