Jessie Ortega

I am a professional Face & Body Artist. For the last five years, I have enjoyed working behind the scenes by applying costume makeup for parties, photo shoots, events, plays, kid’s face painting, and body painting. This is my first time performing in a recital! I have been practicing Belly Dance, Flexibility, strength and conditioning for the last four months at Cirque Asylum, as well as Pole and Silks for two months.

The women that I have met while taking Belly Dance classes have been an incredible source of inspiration and support. Instructor MaryMegan has been able to break through my “two-left-foot” mentality, and really has taught me that I CAN dance!

Most of my life, the prospect of performing in front of a crowd, doing something that I perceived as a daunting task (dance), seemed out of reach. I am now in my late 30’s and beginning a journey that is challenging and rewarding! I couldn’t do it without the dedication and loving approach from my instructor. I am confident that I can do hard things, and also extremely encouraged because of my fellow students who accept me as I am.

I have always been entranced by the beauty of Circus Arts. In order to perform safely and to make it look so easy, one needs to have incredible strength and knowledge to prevent injury. The body is so amazing! Anyone can gain the skills needed for circus arts, as long as you have good instructors!

Circus Arts are a great way to get fit, because the classes are very enjoyable, fun and challenging. Week to week, I have noticed progress, and it is the most encouraging feeling when you’re able to track gains. The best thing about Circus Arts (in my opinion) is the element of fun and play! They bring out the child inside you, that is carefree and happy.

When I am not taking cirque classes, I enjoy spending time with my husband and four young kiddos. I also love my job; face & body painting has been a true blessing, and my ultimate passion!

If I have any spare time, I take on projects at home, like growing a cool vegetable garden, tending and playing with our chickens (and baby chicks this Spring!), brushing my Persian cat’s hair, finding good deals at thrift stores, chit chatting with friends, and going on family road trips.