Katie Wade

I started coming to Cirque Asylum in October of 2016 and loved all of it so much I couldn’t decide what classes to take, so I took a little of everything. I have always been especially drawn to Bellydance and have performed once before when I was about 17.

All forms of art and dance are an inspiration to me and I can’t decide which cirque arts I like the most.

I have had to be more disciplined and manage my time more efficiently and be committed to practice times, but it also gives me something to look forward to every week and something to strive for.

Cirque Asylum has been an Asylum for me for sure. I moved here from Wyoming, not knowing anyone and immediately found a family at Cirque Asylum and have never felt better about myself or my body.

I love anything outdoors; camping, hiking, caving, riding motorcycles and backpacking. I love playing hand drums at drum circle and hanging out with my family and friends, I also love art and music.