Lauren Wilkins

I have been learning silks for 3 years now. Progress was very slow at first, but I’m finally feeling satisfied with my progress, though I’m still very anxious to improve.

I am passionate about dance. When I hear music that I love, I long to become one with it. Last time I performed, I grew so much from the experience that I decided it’s worth the stress and worry. Another thing that inspires me to perform is my desire to uplift and inspire others. I’m not young and I’m not skinny and I didn’t grow up in a dance studio. Most women my age would never believe that they have the potential to become strong enough to hold their body in the air for 5 minutes. I’m setting out to prove that it CAN be done!

Being involved with Cirque Asylum has given me a community of likeminded friends who understand my passion for dance and the frustrations of gaining strength and flexibility. We are a group of mostly women that believe that we deserve to have joy in our lives and that we have the power to create it. The energy I feel here tells me not to give up and that my hopes and dreams are possible. The performing aspect just feels like a reward at the end of a long day of hard work. Wait…I can actually do stuff?!

Circus is such a happy and fun sport to be involved with. We are kind of a different crowd (how many moms do you know that allow their children to spin balls of fire?), but we’re like that one unique house on a street that makes you say “Hmmm…I kind of like that!” Circus is more fun than anything you’ve ever tried, but people don’t realize how painful it is. Training, for me personally, involves occasional screams of pain and frequent bruising. I was explaining “skin conditioning” to my husband, telling him how we practice painful drops and holds until it doesn’t hurt anymore. His response was, “That’s not skin conditioning, that’s destroying your nerve endings!” He’s wrong, but it made me laugh.

Circus is something I cannot live without, but my reason for living is being a mother to my three children. Trying to shape them into kind, loving, happy adults is the hardest project I’ve ever worked on, but when I see signs that it’s working, I feel like a superhero! There’s not enough space in the world to contain all of the joy motherhood brings me. I credit my Heavenly Father for blessing me with these beautiful souls and the devoted husband to match, also for this promise, “and I will bear her up as on eagles’ wings; and she shall beget glory and honor to herself and unto my name.” To God, my family, and my circus family-You Raise Me Up!