Linda Marquez

I have been practicing Arial Silks on and off for two years. I would have to say its been a total of 8 months with me doing it on and off.

I have been wanting to perform ever since the first performance I saw two years ago. Watching all of the people before perform has really inspired me to give performing a try.

This will be my first time performing, but I think that it is going to make me a braver person. I’m going to be proud of myself for overcoming something that terrifies me. I am extremely excited to show my loved ones what I have learned.

The cirque arts is a fun way to exercise. It is extremely difficult and tiring. With that being said It also makes you become a better you. Your pushed to your limits, just to find out there are no limits. Everything you learn makes you want more. It makes you love yourself more and makes you want to see what new things there are that are waiting for you.

Outside of the Cirque world I enjoy going to Disneyland, hiking, watching Disney movies, and being with the people I love. There is much I love to do but I would have to say that those few things are some of my favorite things to do.