Lynzi Miles

I’ve been practicing lyra for about one year. I also participate in pole sport, poi, hula hoop, and contortion. In my performance debut, I played the role of the Jabberwocky in “Alice in Cirque Wonderland.” I am currently training to become an instructor at Cirque Asylum.

My inspiration comes from a desire to set a positive example mostly for my daughter, but also to those around me by proving that with hard work and determination, dreams are within your reach!

A little over a year and a half ago, I was often crippled by bouts of anxiety that would leave me paralyzed. I was petrified to walk into a grocery store alone. Since my first class at Cirque, I’ve never looked back! I’m no longer afraid to try new things and the confidence I have gained is immeasurable.

There is something for literally everyone in circus arts. If you don’t like heights, try flow arts! But, if you want to learn to fly, don’t let anything stop you! We all have to crawl before we learn to walk…AND age IS just a number! We do NOT have to let it define our athletic abilities! Our bodies are capable of doing so many incredible things…

When I’m not flying, I enjoy spending time with my awesome husband and “circus freak” daughter, studying Theology, reading and writing, building foundational strength and flexibility which help me fly, watching others fly, daydreaming about flying, creating Pinterest craft-fails, and did I mention flying?