Winky Boody

I have been practicing my performance on and off for almost 2 months now. I have been training cirque activities for almost a year!

I feel like I am inspired to perform from a fire I feel deep inside of myself. I’ve found a lot of empowerment and self love in my cirque training, and I want the opportunity to express that to others.

I’ve only performed once. It made me feel powerful and it made me feel like I could do hard things. The more often I get through hard things, the easier it becomes to overcome obstacles in my life.

The greatest thing about circus arts is the amazing and unique people you meet! The circus is a way to have a creative outlet, which is so important for anyone to have. A hobby, for me, that is also healing for your body and soul. Plus, the muscles feel great!!

I enjoy going out into nature to hike and meditate or reading a good book.