Studio Policies


We pride ourselves in quality over quantity, as a result we have very limited space for classes. We ask that you cancel your class no less than three hours prior to class if you are unable to attend, so others may take your place. The schedule closes for reservations one hour prior to class.

A no show fee of $10 will be charged to your account if the time has passed to cancel and you are unable to attend class or arrive late.  No Show Fees will be charged every Monday.

Ways You can Avoid a No Show / Late Fee:
    • Cancellation cutoff is 3 hours before class. Reservations will still be allowed up to one hour before class. This gives those on the waitlist better notice of being moved into the class and a 2 hour gap for students to reserve cancelled spots.
    • Late arrivals will not be allowed as it is unsafe for anyone to rush through any portion of class to catch up and disrupts the flow of class for those who arrived on time. Late arrivals will be charged a no show fee and may lose their space to a drop-in waiting for an open space.
    • Drop-ins are welcome to come to the studio to check for an open spot in class, but cannot be guaranteed a spot. If no reservations were made, instructors are allowed to cancel class 1 hour before class time. Please check the schedule.
    • Waitlist is a benefit for our members. If you are reserved on the waitlist, plan according to taking the class. If you don’t receive notification of being moved from the waitlist into the class, be sure to double check online. Remove yourself from the waitlist if you cannot attend the class (before the 3 hour cut off). This will ensure that you are moved into the class as well as give the next person on the waitlist the chance to attend.


If you have signed up for a 3, 6 or 12 month contract and wish to cancel early, there is a $200 early termination fee.  Our memberships go on a month to month basis after completion and you may cancel with 30 days notice of next billing cycle..  If your account becomes behind 2 months, your membership will be terminated and a $200 early termination fee will be charged to your account.

We do offer up to 3 months to be placed on hold during each contract without charge.  Your contract will be extended the amount of time it was placed on hold.