Wildcard Recital Signups

Let’s shuffle the deck for this upcoming recital. With the theme of Wildcard, performers will get the chance to represent their unique personalities while showcasing their talents to friends and family.

Date:  May 26, 2017

Time: 7:30 – 9:00 PM  (May go as late as 9:30)

Location:  Cirque Asylum, Aerial/Dance Studio

Theme:  Wildcard (Your choice)


Taking on the challenge of performing at a recital can be very difficult but highly rewarding.  Below are things you will want to read and consider before taking it on.  Recital is open ONLY to current students and instructors at Cirque Asylum.

We are here to help you as much as possible!  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!


  • Can build confidence in all areas of life.
  • Performing is great to take you out of your everyday training and bring you into a new challenge for your body and mind.
    • Helps boost you to the next level in endurance and training.
  • It can be a great artistic outlet.
    • Each performance lends a hand in molding you into the artist you are meant to be.
  • Experience is key when entering into any profession including performing.
    • Confidence under pressure shows professionalism.
    • Performances look great on resumes.
  • A chance to showcase all the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes.  EX:  Training and planning.
  • At reasonable prices (much less than hiring professionals for a custom/single performance shoot).
    • Receive professional services such as choreography/hair/makeup/costume in order to provide the best possible performing experience.
    • Videography/photography captures your performance so that you can continue to share your art.


Required costs

  • $20 Performer Fee
  • $0-$150 Costume/Outfit
    • You may already have items or borrow things from others.  We don’t want you to break the bank to do this and will do what we can to help.

Optional Costs

  • $40-$75/hour Choreography
    • Speak with Instructors about their rates.
  • $20 Hairstylist
  • $20 (minimum) Makeup Artist
    • More for extensive makeup will require a bit more.  Speak with our Makeup artists for more details.
  • Professional Photography:  TBD
  • $40-$60 Professional Video Edit.
    • Price depends on Single Camera or Multi Camera Edit.  ($10 discount if paid before the recital)


After signup, request to join the Wildcard Recital Group on Facebook.

  • Important information will shared with you here.
  • This is a great place to ask questions and gain feedback on things like costume ideas.
  • Post your hair and makeup ideas (If you are planning to utilize our artists)


DUE  April 14, 2017 – NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Pay performer fee – Login into your account to find bill.
  • Choreography rough draft and music must be passed off by Jen
    • Choreography
      • Doesn’t have to be perfect at this time.
      • Contact instructors if you would like help with Choreography.
    • Music
      • Keep it family friendly.  No cursing, sexual or abusive content.
      • Be sure you can purchase your music.  Rips from Youtube will not be allowed.
        • If you need to cut your song to be shorter, you may need to find and pay someone to do so.

DUE April 28, 2017

  • Submit MP3 version of your song
    • Ripped versions from Youtube WILL NOT be accepted!  You must purchase your song via iTunes, Amazon, etc.
      • Most songs are $2 or less
  • Fill out the Performer Bio form and submit bio photo.
    • Submission info will be shared on the Facebook Group.
  • Have your costumes finalized and approved by Jen
    • We do have an account with Weissman Costumes.  Be sure to request your order ASAP.
    • If ordering costumes online be sure to do so ASAP.
      • Shipping can take time and you want enough time to consider backup options.


  • Audience may take video and photos.  NO FLASH!
    • Please tag us when posting @cirqueasylum  and/or #cirqueasylum
  • Professional Videography by Vagabloggers Videography
    • Performances are filmed from multiple angles and can be edited to showcase the best angles during your performance.  Single camera edits are available but come at a few minor risks. Cameras are manually focused and may have short periods of time being out of focus.  A single camera may not catch your entire performance from the best angle.
      • $40 Single Camera Angle Edit.  ($10 discount if paid before recital)
      • $60 Multi Camera Angle Edit.  ($10 discount if paid before recital)
  • Professional Photography
    • TBD


Date and Time:  TBD (sometime during May 14-20th)

  • Will run through routines in costumes.
    • Have as complete as possible to adjust for any costume malfunctions.
    • Be sure to have some backups in mind.
  • This will be the chance to make sure that the music you submitted works.
    • We have had issues during the recital in the past.
  • Performer lineup for the recital will be made after dress rehearsal.


  • Do all of your showering, shaving things 48 hrs in advance. You don’t want moisturizer on your hands or body for performance.
  • Finalize your hair and makeup ideas and gather all your performance gear together so you don’t have to look for anything day of.
    • Feel free to store them in the studio beginning Thursday, May 12th.
  • Finalize details on your routine like floor work, beginning or closing
  • CARB LOAD and RELAX Save your energy!
  • Check out Jen’s food list
  • You should be running through your performance in your mind over and over and over with music as loud as possible. Totally surround yourself with the scenery that will be. Make sure your run throughs are PERFECT in your mind and your body will register. If you experience adrenaline during your performance in your mind you are doing it right.
  • Do Not practice physically within 48 hours


  • Arrive as early as 12:00 PM but no later than 6:00.  (No later than 4:00 if you are getting hair and makeup done.)
    • Hair and Makeup will be done first come first served.  Some may need to jump in front depending on Performer Lineup
    • Please come with face washed, exfoliated, and moisturized
  • Be sure to eat and drink water during the day!!  Just don’t overfill yourself.
  • BREATH, relax and listen to your song with headphones.
  • Warm up before you perform, but keep physical exertion to a minimal.  You don’t want to waste all of your energy before the show.
  • SMILE AND ENJOY the experience!



For the show to run as smoothly as possible we will need the gracious help of some volunteers.  Positions open will be set up crew, ticketing, food and raffle sales, ushers, clean up crew and more.


  • We prefer our volunteers to be currently involved with the studio, but may be open to others.  Signup to discuss the opportunity.
  • Attend both Volunteer Meeting and Volunteer Training.
    • Meeting:  TBD (4 weeks before recital)
    • Training:  TBD (1 week before recital)  May be arranged depending on trainers schedule and position.  Some positions may not need to attend training and will be discussed during the meeting.
  • MUST be able to commit to your assignments and arrive on time.


Positions may not be exact to this list and will be covered and assigned during Volunteer Meeting.  Training will be done before the recital.

Previous recital assignments have been:

  •  Setup Crew
    • Chairs/bleachers
    • Decorations
    • Pole Studio for Performers
    • Place winnings under chairs
    • Other
  • Apparatus Management during recital
    • Pole Cleaners
    • Moving Lyra and Silks during certain performances
  • Food / Raffle Station (before recital and during intermission)
  • DJ
  • Event Coverage
    • Behind the scenes.
  • Ticket Sales (at Door)
  • Ticket Takers
  • Ushers
  • Cleanup Crew
    • Removing chairs from studio
    • Trash Pickup (Aerial/Dance Studio and Pole Studio)
    • Sweep and Mop (Aerial/Dance Studio and Pole Studio)
    • Place All lost and found items together
    • Other


Depending on how many hours you work, we will compensate you with a punch pass or credit to your membership bill.  More information will be given at Volunteer meeting.


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